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MA Blogger: Brenda Bernstorf

December is a month full of holidays. Children are excited about the holidays ahead including the official holidays of the winter break. Here is what we have so far this month – remember we are only on December 5!

  • December 1 was “Eat a Red Apple Day,”
  • December 2 was “National Fritters Day,”
  • December 3 was the first day of Advent
  • December 4 was “National Cookie Day.”
  • Today is “Day of the Ninja,” “Bathtub Day,” and “Sacher Torte Day”

Did apple growers come up with “Eat a Red Apple Day?” Well, ok…have you tried “Honey Crisp” apples? They are delicious! I love a crisp apple with that sweet-tart flavor – these are great for just eating!

Who doesn’t like a fritter? My husband’s favorite is an apple fritter – come to think of it, that was my dad’s favorite too!

It’s appropriate that National Cookie Day falls in December, Christmas cookies are a long-standing tradition in many homes.

Day of the Ninja is an actual holiday in Japan – maybe make time for your favorite Ninja movie to celebrate while taking a hot bubble bath while eating chocolate torte – just combine these days!

These are fun days you can celebrate with your children if you are looking for a fun family activity.

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