More Unique and Obscure Holidays

MA Blogger: Brenda Bernstorf

Today is “National Gazpacho Day.” Gazpacho is a cold soup made from a tomato and vegetable base….but here’s one, tailor made for toddler parents, “Put on your own shoes day!”

You could use “Put on your own shoes day” as a launching point to help your toddler become more independent. Montessori classrooms – toddler classrooms also – stress helping children be as independent as possible! This means intentionally letting them do things at their own pace.  Sometimes, the problem is that we [adults] are in a rush and the toddler wants to do things at their own pace.

My three-year old grandson wanted help with his shoes when his little sister was born. His little brother needed help, his older brother did not need help, but he just wanted help. We resolved the issue by “helping” him chose which shoe went on which foot – but he actually put his shoes and socks on by himself.
Today is also St. Nicholas Day. Nikolaos of Myra was a 4th century Christian saint and the Greek Bishop of Myra who had a legendary habit of secret gift-giving – especially to children.

Try the soup, put your own shoes on, let your child put his/her own shoes on, and give a gift (or prepare a gift).

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